Monday, October 8, 2012

Village adds new ambulance

Trustee Patt Higginson joins Battalion Chief Dave Lis and
Bridgeview’s firefighter/paramedics in front of the new ambulance.
Village trustees voted recently to approve a motion by Trustee Patt Higginson to purchase a new ambulance.

The new vehicle, which cost more than $150,000, is a great new addition to our emergency services fleet.

The Fire Department staff took a big hand in the equipment selection by creating a committee to ensure that village taxpayers received the biggest value for their dollar.

Bids were solicited and the best value selected was the lowest price.

The new ambulance was built on a heavy-duty chassis for durability, reducing maintenance costs and extending the usable life of the vehicle.

The new ambulance replaces one that was more than nine years old. The older ambulance will be used as a reserve vehicle to provide additional medical coverage if necessary.

The delivery of the new ambulance was much expected and anticipated by all of the Fire Department staff and rolled into Bridgeview just a few short weeks ago.

It was immediately put into service and operates out of Station 2, which is on 100th Place.

Trustee Higginson and Chief Anthony Butkus both agree that the new ambulance will continue to provide the excellent paramedic service for which Bridgeview has long been known.

Yellow Dot program could save your life

Bridgeview Police Chief Russ Harvey (left) displays the Yellow Dot decal and program
poster, and Lt. Wally Klimek holds the medical information form.

Trustee Norma Pinion is encouraging all Bridgeview residents to sign up for the Illinois Yellow Dot life-saving program.

Illinois Yellow Dot program is a free, statewide initiative designed to provide first responders with critical information to help with emergency care for people involved in vehicle crashes or found unconscious inside a vehicle.

Pinion said to join, residents only have to stop by or contact the Bridgeview Police Department and ask to participate in the Illinois Yellow Dot program. A police representative will supply you with a bright yellow dot decal and a yellow form to fill out for each participant.

The name stems from the so-called Golden Hour immediately after a traumatic injury takes place. Doctors say the best chance for survival is when an injured victim from a vehicle accident is seen and treated within the first hour after the trauma.

Participants in the Yellow Dot program provide the first responders with vital medical information that is stored in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

Participants provide an up-to-date photograph that is pasted onto a designated spot on the Yellow Dot Medical Card. The info sheet contains the participant’s name, emergency contact, personal physician, allergies, medical conditions, recent surgeries and current medications being taken. A Yellow Dot decal is affixed to the driver’s side rear window, which alerts responders to look in the glove compartment for information that can assist paramedics and better prepare hospital staff in the emergency room.

While this program is called the Illinois Yellow Dot program here, other states are also participating in this traffic safety initiative.

Stop by the Bridgeview Police Department today and join the Yellow Dot Program. It could save your life or the life of someone in your family.

U.S. Olympic champs to play soccer match in Bridgeview

The U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team, which captured the Gold Medal at the London Games, is coming to Toyota Park in Bridgeview.

Stars of the women’s team, including Alex Morgan, Abby Wambuch, Hope Solo and captain Christie Rampone, are expected to play in a match on Saturday, Oct. 20, against the German women’s team.

The match is expected to be a sellout of more than 18,000 people. Nearly 12,000 tickets were sold the day they went on sale in September.

The game will be televised around the world and is expected to attract thousands of guests to Bridgeview and its hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

“More than 250,000 people have visited Toyota Park this year,” said Mayor Steven Landek in welcoming the match as another notable achievement for the community and the stadium.

“Those visitors have helped the local economy, both in the stadium and the surrounding areas,” he said. “This game will only strengthen the benefit which the stadium brings to Bridgeview.”

The match is part of the team’s Fan Tribute Tour presented by Panasonic, which is bringing the women’s team to select American cities.

The match will start at 5:30 p.m.

For ticket information, visit

Police warn of phone scam targeting seniors

Trustee Mary Sutton, who works on many programs with Bridgeview seniors, reports there has been a recent increase in scam calls targeting seniors in the community.

Callers pretending to be family members in dire straits ask for money to be sent or wired to an unknown address.

Bridgeview police warn to NOT send money to anyone who contacts you by phone. Do not give them any personal information. Your best defense is to hang up the phone.

Police also advise that if you have caller ID, write down the number and contact the Bridgeview Police by calling 911.

Bridgeview Police will team up with Culver's for Special Olympics

The Bridgeview Police Department will host a Culver's 10 Percent Night to raise money for the Special Olympics. Come to Culver's at 9229 S. Harlem Ave., and show your support on Oct. 13 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. See your Bridgeview Police Department and staff members run orders and have a great time doing it!